Trailer Hitches New Braunfels Tx

Trailer Hitches New Braunfels Tx

Trailer Hitches New Braunfels Tx

Hitches are an overlooked accessory in a truck. Purchasing the wrong one poses potential damage to both the trailer and the towing vehicle. Here is a list of simple considerations that will ease your shopping.


Most marketing brochures or website details list the matching UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight). This number is the weight of the car after its manufacturing.

You should purchase trailer hitches in New Braunfels TX that can accommodate more than the listed weight. This case is because one does not always travel on the standard weight of the car. A more significant hitch can allow the inclusion of camping tools, clothes, food, and other items. 

Towing capacity

You need to determine the car’s towing capacity before purchasing a trailer hitch. This information is available in the car’s manual. Attaching the wrong one could strain the tool or car, hence cause unnecessary strain and physical damage. 

Know the needed additional tools

Weight distribution

A weight distribution trailer is essential for the safety of the car and the tow. The hitch balances the weight of both vehicles and prevents sagging at the hitch tongue. This setup improves the braking system, steer, and control of the trailer while it’s on both slow and fast speeds. 

A sway control device helps keep the trailer in a straight line during high winds and bad weather. Rhino Hitch will give you the right accessory tools for a safe drive in all terrains. 

Brake control

The electronic tool triggers the trailer’s brakes when you press 

Towing mirrors and observation cameras

A trailer should have extended mirrors that help in monitoring the steadiness of the hitch. 

Know the car’s technical aesthetics

The aesthetics of the vehicle should be a consideration while buying a hitch. There are several shapes of tow hitches, which will merge differently with the car. A round hitch has a sleek look and may cost more, while a square hitch offers increased stability at a lower price. 

You can also buy a hitch that varies regarding its exposure. A concealed hitch hides the main body under the car and offers a more authentic and fitting look and feel. An exposed hitch provides the same level of functionality without the advantage of concealment. 

Possibility to use accessories

You may need to add attachments to the hitch to improve the performance. Custom trailer hitches have different hardware features that complete the installation process. You may need a ball mount to improve the truck’s towing capacity. Pay attention to the hitch’s ability to accommodate accessories that match the vehicle’s towing details.

Ratings of the trailer hitches in New Braunfels TX

Hitches have ratings that match the maximum weight allowable.

  • Class I hitches can tow up to 2000 lbs
  • Class II hitches accommodate a load of up to 3500 lbs
  • Class III hitches handle a maximum of 6000 lbs and 10000 lbs with a weight distribution system

It is important to remember that the indicated weights refer to the total weight of a moving trailer, such as water tanks and supplies.


Trailer Hitches New Braunfels Tx
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