Trailer Hitches Bakersfield Ca

Trailer Hitches Bakersfield Ca

Trailer Hitches Bakersfield Ca

Most buyers understand the various classifications of trailer hitches. The categories have specific weight assignments for different towing sizes and car models. One has to know how to pick a fitting hitch, apart from selecting the right class and type. How does one choose the best one?   

How to choose the right trailer hitches in Bakersfield CA

Collect basic information

You need the following details before picking the best fit:

  • The year, model and make of the car
  • The maximum towing capacity
  • The type of trailer in use and its coupler size
  • The weight of the RV 

Significant loads of a trailing system

A run-down of the different hitch weights will help you create an articulate list of requirements. Here are the fundamentals of different weight settings.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This weight is available in both the RV and the tow vehicle. The GVWR defines the maximum amount of weight allowable by each part. The GVWR of the tow vehicle lets you know how much of a trailer you can handle. 

The GVWR of the trailer indicates how much it will weight while it has the most massive weight. The recommendable practice is ensuring that the RV does not weigh than the tow vehicle. This setup ensures that you will not strain any part of the towing system.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight Rating

This value is the weight of the trailer as it rides off the assembly line before one adds other loads like water tanks. You can find the UVWR by subtracting the UVWR from the GVWR. An alternative term for UVWR is shipping or dry weight. 

The maximum weight of the tow vehicle is similar to the dry weight. The unloaded weight is essential for finding the weight of your load. You can find out what you weigh by adding all the required number of passengers, weights, and vehicles before you start the journey. This stage will help you find a suitable trailer hitch. 

Hitch weight

The hitch has a weight value. This value does not eliminate the pressure from your tow vehicle calculations. A hitch value of 5000lbs should not encourage you to ignore a maximum towing capacity of 3500lbs. The latter option will damage your hitch and endanger multiple lives and goods. 

Maximum towing capacity

The maximum towing capacity tells you what the engine can handle. You will not be able to drive far enough if the weight does not exceed the towing capacity. A truck that is on a massive frame should have an engine that handles both its weight quotient and the load. 

Rhino Hitch would hate to know that you caused damage to the engine because you did not check the weights and limitations of the trailer hitches in Bakersfield CA. The irreparable damage to your truck, hitch, or vehicle will cost you time, energy, and money.

Feel free to give our customer care team a call for further guidance before making a purchase. Our specialists will be happy to clear any issues and point you in the right direction.


Trailer Hitches Bakersfield Ca
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