Trailer Hitch Tampa Fl

Trailer Hitch Tampa Fl

Trailer Hitch Tampa Fl

A towing system has several pieces of equipment connecting the vehicle to the container. A Rhino Hitch trailer hitch in Tampa FL is only one part of the system.

Parts of a trailing system

Trailer hitch

This hitch is the primary connector between the trailer and the tow vehicle. It is a specific structure of a hitch that bolts the car to the trailer’s joint. there are three main components of a trailer hitch in Tampa FL.

Components of a trailer hitch

Receiver hitch

This hitch is the type that bolts on the underlying side of the vehicle’s bumper. It has a tube that attaches the ball mount to other structures of the hitch. Receiver hitches tend to have specific designs that match the make of the vehicle. This receiver is the most common type; hence most people use this term to refer to all kinds of receivers.

Tow hitch

This hitch has the primary purpose of towing a trailer. The main difference between this hitch and a receiver hitch is that it has specific weight capacities for all its uses.

Ball mount

This component is the receiver hitch that comprises of a trailer ball platform and a shank. The shank sinks into the receiver’s tube while the platform offers a secure mount to the trailer ball. Ball mounts have varying styles and capacities, as well as operation mechanisms. 

Ball hitch

This component is another name for ball mount. The hitch provides connectivity that hooks to the trailer. A ball hitch with a pre-torqued setup is known as a full ball mount. 

Trailer ball

The third component, trailer ball, is the point of connection between the trailer and the vehicle. The compositions are a threaded stem or shank, and a metal ball. A trailer ball allows you to bends without compromising the hitch. It also allows you to drive up bumps and hills with smoothness.

Hitch pin

The hitch pin is a small metal rod that keeps the ball mount shank from sliding off the hitch receiver tube. A hitch pin has an L shape that inserts into the hitch receiver and protrudes from the other side. The hitch pin has a hole that accepts the hairpin clip, which has retention due to coiled spring steels. 

Hitch lock

This component has a key that adds security to the entire hitch, and hence offers extra protection to the whole system. The hitch lock works better than a padlock or chain because it has a key, which is unique to the trailer hitch system. 

Trailer coupler

This part works with the trailer ball to connect the trailer to the vehicle. It is the front part of the system that latches onto the trailer ball and controls the smooth movement of the car and the load. The size of the trailer coupler matches the size of the trailer ball to promote an uneventful drive.   

Safety chain

The chain ensures that the trailer is not entirely separated from the vehicle in case the hitch system detaches from the connective socket. Safety chains are useful in all towing setups and have hooks that link the tongue to the trailer.


Trailer Hitch Tampa Fl
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