Trailer Hitch Orlando

Trailer Hitch Orlando

Trailer Hitch Orlando

It may surprise you that the government restricts the movement of specific cars on the road. The laws affect all people and companies alike, as is evident with particular case studies with brands like BMW and Mercedes. 

BMW has a black car that cannot be used in public because it is too dark for other motorists. Other car models by famous brands may have similar experiences because of complications such as the shape’s design, the light intensity from the headlamps, and other technical details.

A trailer hitch from Orlando falls under similar motor laws in all other states. It is wise to have an acquaintance with the laws of the region of residence or an upcoming trip. Here are the regulations for a few states. 


Orlando’s laws require that the towing vehicle has adequate brakes to control the movement of the cars. The total length between the towing vehicle and the weight behind should not exceed 65 feet. Both cars should have two tail lamps, and the towing vehicle should have functional mirrors to reflect the entire length.

The maximum length of the drawbar should not exceed fifteen feet unless the weight includes poles and pipes. Further research will prove useful before buying a trailer hitch in Orlando.

South Carolina

The state requires the owner to ensure that the drawbar has enough strength to pull the towing weight. The drawbar should not exceed a length of fifteen feet between each other unless you are transporting objects that are more than fifteen feet long. 

The state requires the driver to signify other drivers of the tow. They have to use a white cloth or flag that is not more than 12 square inches to indicate the presence of a cable, rope, or chain.

South Dakota

The state allows mounting of the ball hitch on the bumper or the bumper frame as long as one uses a safety chain.


The vehicles should have a chain that connects and maintains the attachment without fail. 


Texas requires that truck owners keep the length between the vehicles below fifteen feet, except for cars transporting machinery, poles, pipes, and other objects with similar structures. 

The laws have strict restrictions against certain towing practices by passenger cars and light trucks. These vehicles should not tow a trailer, semi-trailer or house trailer, without using safety chains that have an approval from the DPS. 


Every towed car in Utah should have a safety chain, equivalence device, and cable, to add to the safety of a regular trailer hitch. The safety chain should have enough material and strength to prevent any possible issues in the second car. 

The chain should have an attachment to the drawbar, so it does not fall. This requirement is, however, not necessary to a semi-trailer with a kingpin assembly, pole trailer, and fifth wheel. 


The towing vehicle should have a safety chain and a drawbar with sufficient strength. The trailer has a prohibition against whipping, weaving, or oscillating during the drive. Washington laws also require the driver to signal other motorists with reflectors and turn signals.


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