What are the towing capacities of each hitch?

2” Aluminum hitch is rated to 12,000 lbs.
2.5” Aluminum hitch is rated to 14,000 lbs.

What is the main advantage of the Rhino Hitch over other adjustable hitches on the market?

The Rhino Hitch has more adjustable travel, up and down than other hitches on the market. You can safely adjust the hitch a total of nine inches without removing it from your vehicle. This makes it nice when you are switching from towing your boat to towing your snowmobiles, etc.

Is there any maintenance required to owning a Rhino Hitch?

Owners should check the bolts on the Rhino Hitch regularly to ensure they are properly tightened.

Can I purchase a 2” hitch for my full ton truck which has a 2.5” receiver?

Yes, you can purchase a sleeve that will go over the 2” hitch and then into the 2.5” receiver of your vehicle.

Why is there a shipping charge with every purchase?

Rhino Hitch manufactures these hitches at a low margin so that we can pass on the lowest price available to the customers.   Unfortunately, the only way to get the hitch to each customer is to ship it to them directly.